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The Dixie area of Utah is roughly defined as Washington County, located in the southwest corner of the state. Our riding area, however also includes trails in Cedar City, Brain Head,  and Red Canyon areas during the summer months. This page is provided to help you find all the resources you will need to plan your trip to the Southwestern Utah.

When planning your ride, please keep in mind that although this is Utah, this is not Moab. Almost all our trails are non-motorized and purpose built for mountain biking. In addition, trails are generally marked for the preferred user. If you don’t see the little bike symbol you may not be able to ride there. This method of marking is especially true in the SCRR and Red Cliffs NCA where there are many trails for horses and hikers only. Please respect these restrictions.




Note: we are only listing legal and authorized mountain bike trails. Others may be listed on popular trail web sites. Please don’t ride trails that are not on this list. We are working hard to increase our riding opportunities and get some of these routes approved, but that won’t happen if mountain bikers are poaching these trails.

Green Valley: St. George

    • Bear-Claw Poppy Trail:
This area is part of the Red Bluff Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), which was designated for the protection of theDwarf Bearclaw-Poppy (Arctomecon humilis). Federally listed as endangered, the Dwarf Bearclaw-Poppy is found only in Washington County, Utah. As such, the protection of its habitat is critical to its survival.
Please stay on designated trails. This area contains an abundance of cryptobiotic soils and poppy-loving gypsiferous clay soils, which are extremely soft and easily damaged. The old user created trails as well as any new illegal trails will take years to rehabilitate.
Bearclaw-Poppy is a single-track that can be ridden in either direction, but the trail is at its best when starting from the Gap Trailhead or as a loop using the Micro-Loop. This puts the rider in a downhill mode, taking full advantage of the rolling terrain. If you decided to climb the poppy trail please always yield to DOWN HILL riders as they will be traveling at high speeds and may not be able to stop safely.
We give this trail an Easy rating, but riders must exercise caution because of the occasional steep hills – the Acid Drops, Clavicle Hill, and the 3 Fingers of Death . Throughout the entire trail, easier routes are marked so bikers can ride around the more challenging sections.
  • Stucki Springs Trail: Stucki Spring connects the Pappy Trail to the Stucki SpringsLukas on Zen Rd   and the Santa Clara River reserve trails. It is similar rolling terrain to the poppy trail and can be ridden as an out and back or a loop via Cove Wash.
  • Green Valley Race Way: Used for numerous races throughout the year, this system takes you up and down Red Bluff, using several washes and jeep roads. The trails are rocky and of an intermediate skill level.
  • Barrel Ride: Connected off the top of the race course, this advance trail has three very steep drops, is rocky, and has multiple alternative free-ride lines as it travels down toward the Zen parking area.


  • Zen: This advanced trail is often called Gooseberry with an incline. This is theRiding a Fixie Gear 29er hardest 6 miles you will ever ride. Beginning with a steep climb up a two track from the trail head, you then connect to the slick rock single track that keeps dishing it out. Pay attention as it is easy to miss a turn or obstacle.

Santa Clara River Reserve: Santa Clara/Ivins

The main mountain bike trails in this area are to the south of Santa Clara City. The Barrel Rolls, Precipice, Sidewinder and Ellusion can all be accessed from the Barrel Rolls trail head and linked together for a great 10 mile intermediate ride. The Rim Runner/ Reaper trail loops can be accessed by dropping into Cove Wash from the trail head and back out to the ridge to the south. This is a series of fun small loops totaling about 5 miles.

The access road to the trail head is rough and many prefer a high clearance vehicle. But don’t let that stop you. Park at the bottom near the cattle pen and ride the single track past the water tank to the trail head for a good warm up and extra long ride.

Red Cliffs National Conservation Area: St George/Washington

Red Cliffs National Conservation Area has myriad recreational opportunities. It encompasses the two wilderness areas, the Red Cliffs Recreation Area, the Red Cliffs Campground, miles and miles of non-motorized trails, as well as cultural public use sites.

The primary trails enjoyed for mountain bike use are listed below. Others are open tomitch paradise mountain biking but contain sand, steep inclines, or are roads and therefore less enjoyable to ride but are sometimes used as connectors for longer trips. See the map and links below for these trails. Remember all these trails are shared non-motorized, so you may encounter hikers and equestrians during your ride. Please be courteous.

      • Paradise Canyon – Chuck Walla Trail Head – beginner to intermediate 5 mile loop right in St George.
      • Broken Mesa/Ice House- Advance shuttle or cross-county loop, these trails are rugged but fun. Start at either the Broken mesa trail head or Ice House trail head and ride down to Green Springs for a rippin fun down hill ride or Use the Cottonwood rd to connect them into a cross-county loop.
      • Prospector/Church Rocks -Prospector Trail Head- a beginner 7 mile trail that connects between Church Rocks and the White Reef Trail head near the Adams House. Turning this trail into a lolly-pop loop that includes church rocks or the Dino Tracks are popular riding options. This trail is ideal to ride in wet weather as there is some sand and it is one of our most weather hardy trails.

Hurricane Cliffs: Hurricane

Hand built contour trail that changes from flowing ripping single track to technical contours this IMBA Epic Trail System is in a class by itself. This intermediate system can be riden as individual sections of the Hurricane Rim, Goulds Trail, or Jem Trail or combine peices to ride either the 13 mile Frog Hollow Race Course, the 21 mile epic loop or all of it together for a 30+ mile day.

Zion Corridor: Virgin/Rockville

      • Guacamole-Virgin-Dalton Wash: Advanced 4 mile trail of slick rock single track loops
      • Flying Monkey-Virgin-Smith Mesa: Double Black Diamond Downhill trail into Virgin. Lots of exposure.
      • Grafton Mesa-Rockville- Advanced downhill shuttle. Please stay on the trial and be considerate of the historic context of the cemetery and restored ghost town.
      • Rockville Bench : ATTENTION this trail is currently closed to Mountain biking. Please do not ride with trail while we work to get it re -opened. You WILL ruin our efforts!!!

Gooseberry: Apple Valley

Goosberry Mesa trails are the one must do if you are coming to the area. This one of a kind unique slickrock single track is designed into a series of interconnecting loops that can be riden in any direction and combines to suit your skill level. The White trail and Practice loop are the easiest and the South Rim the most difficult. Which ever way you choose making it to the point and enjoying the 360 panorama is always the highlight of the trip.

Little Creek: Apple Valley

There are two main trails for mountain biking on Little Creek, the Magic Carpet Ride and the Big Loop. These trails are advanced slickrock and single track loops and hard to navigate. Many people have been lost or injured on this trail system. We recommend checking with the local shop and taking a local guide if you plan to ad this area to your trail adventures.

Brian Head/Red Canyon



This area is home to a large number of rare plants, animals, and ancient artifacts. Please apply these simple principals when enjoying the Dixie area trails.

      1. Stay on the trail. This means keep your tire tread on the trail at all time. DO not ride around through the desert to pass someone. Stop, lay your bike to the side an allow the other person to pass slowly. And please, don’t go “exploring” cross country. Our soils tell all.
      2. If it was there , leave it – if it wasn’t, take it home. Don’t pick plants, walk on or touch petroglyphs, or pet a tortoise, and don’t litter on the trail.
      3. Yeild to down hill riders on downhill directional trails. This will help elevate instances of number 1. Trails where this is an issue include the Poppy trail, Stucki Springs Trails, the Jem Trail, and  Ice House trail.


  1. Red Rock Rampage, St. George
  2. True Grit Epic, St. George
  3. Red Rock Bicycle’s Cactus Hugger, St. George
  4. Hurricane Bike Festival, Hurricane
  5. 6 Hours in Frog Hollow, Virgin
  6. 25 Hours in Frog Hollow, Virgin

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