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February Board Meeting Minutes

DMBTA Board Meeting Feb 2016
Objective: Plan next month’s building activities
1. Wire Mesa – Kevin
a. Arch survey still waiting – weather has impeded
b. Should be done any day now
c. Crew scheduled for March 16th
d. About ten miles
e. BLM to flag corridor
f. Bill and Kevin to flag actual alignment
g. Mostly fast singletrack with a few rocky sections in between
2. Kanab – Christina
a. Trail Care Crew Visit – Club Care Presentation
b. How to manage club
c. Trail workshop – 55 people, 5 over cap
d. ACE Crew showed up with tools
e. Built 800-900 feet
f. Intermediate trail, access from city park
g. Trail day every Saturday until can’t build any more
h. Club member donating $1000 to buy tools specifically for Kanab
3. Webb Hill – Lukas
a. 2-3 morning days
b. Trail days
c. Kenny to organize Saturday
4. Race Course – Kenny
a. NICA Course
b. Working on replacing green valley race course
c. A lot of support, Santa Clara, Washington County and BLM working to find solution for this year.
d. Possible reroute of dirt road from Gates Lane
e. A lot of work to make it work, but support is there
f. Jump start that area, SC city looking to build a park at base of the reserve.
g. About 5 miles, 500 feet of climbing
5. Fix trails that are falling out of use
a. Connection Scouting trail for Purgatory/Babylon
b. Categorical exclusions
Objective: Assign trail maintenance coordinator and plan next three month’s activities
a. Possible folks
a. Clayton
b. Jay
c. Monte
b. Divide area into regions and have multiple coordinators
a. East and west washington county, Kanab and Cedar

1. Gooseberry
a. Striper
b. Needs paint
c. Trees trimmed
2. Little Creek
3. JEM Area
4. Cedar City
5. Kanab
a. Grand View
c. Navajo Lake
Objective: Lay ground work for social activities for next 6 months
1. Washco
a. 2 Rides
b. Gooseberry Trail Day w/ Camp out and ride on Sunday
2. Cedar
3. Kanab
a. Trail day ever Saturday
b. Looking for Social Coordinator
4. DMBTA Tent at Hurricane MTB Festival
Objective: Quick report on state of chapter
1. Overall Goals and progress
a. Funds raised ? – Goal is $10,000 raised in 2015
b. Membership growth – 68 current members. Year end goal 350

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