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Washington County Trail Work Days


We will host two trail work days this coming week on the Kentucky Lucky Chicken Trail in St. George.

Wednesday the 13th of July, we will meet at the trailhead on Hill Rise Avenue on Webb Hill at 6:30 AM. We will work till about 10 AM.

We will then return on Friday, the 15th, for a repeat. 6:30 AM at the trailhead.

To get to the trailhead,
Head South on River Road.
Turn right onto Fort Pierce Drive at the gas station.
Turn Left onto Bloomington Hills Dr.
Turn Right onto Fort Peirce Drive.
Turn Left onto Hill Rise Avenue.
If you are in a low clearance vehicle, you will want to park at the pavement and ride/walk to the trailhead. Otherwise, proceed up the dirt road to the parking spot (about 4-5 cars will fit). We will ride the trail out and back, but you are welcome to walk/ride to the top and meet us at the dig site (you can see it from the towers).


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