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Bonnie Strawser – Treasurer

Bonnie owned  her own business for 12 years which involved organizing large events with no less then 300 to over 1000 attendees.  For 8 years she organized the largest all women’s motorcycle event held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway bringing together women riding enthusiasts along with all 14 motorcycle manufactures at one event.  This accomplishment was unheard of in the motorcycle industry.  Now as an avid mountain biker she hopes to bring the same expertise to southwest Utah.


Lukas Brinkerhoff – President





Monte Lutz – Corporate Fund Raising

Monte makes his home in Virgin, UT. He and his wife Bonnie are avid mountain bikers who split their time between riding and their guiding business Utah Mountain Biking Adventures. His primary goals are to preserve and expand existing riding opportunities is SW Utah and do so with sustainability .

John Scarafiotti – Member at large


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October Baord Meeting Minutes

October Board Meeting

      1. September follow up
        1. Ribbon Cutting – Monte 1 minute – do when new addition is done
        2.  Newsletter – Lukas 1 minute – Add board members to newsletter list
        3. Trail Projects – 5 minutes
          1.  Hurricane Rim project – Clayton to ride by himself
          2.  Goosebumps – Bill, Monte, Morgan 25 hours + done
          3. SCRR – currently scheduled for the 19th at 10 AM – 28.5 hours, 9 volunteers
          4.  JEM braiding after Frog Hollow
          5.  Zen – rock baskets
        4. Priority List – Kevin
          1. Thought travel plan priority was the case
          2. List was for the next two years until TMP is planned
        5. Canyons private property project – Lukas 1 minute/Kenny
      2. Upcoming construction projects – 20 minutes Lukas and Kevin
        1. Wire Mesa
          1. Singletrack up cry baby
          2. Parking at bottom
          3. Ganderish
        2. Rim Jobs +
          1. A lot of trail
        3. Hurricane Rim addition
          1. China town wash
      3. Report on current flagging project – 5 minutes Kevin and Monte
        1. 8 AM at sheep bridge/JEM crossing
      4. Administrative structure/role assignment and designation 45 minutes – open discussion
        1. Volunteer
          1. Trail training day
        2. Membership
        3. Trail Work
        4. BLM Liaison
        5. Forest Service Liaison
        6. Communications
        7. Group Rides
        8. Fund raising
        9. Accounting/Book keeping
        10. Promotions – membership, fundraising
      5. Bike maintenance stations
        1. BCP
        2. SCRR
        3. Hurricane Rim
      6. Next meeting Dec 2,
      7. Insurance – needed, next board meeting to find solution
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