May 2016 Board Meeting Minutes


Ground Rules


  1. Everyone Participates
  2. Wait to be called on to comment or question
  3. No one is ever criticized for a question or comment











How Do We Move Southern Utah Mountain Biking Forward?


Before we can settle on the best organizational structure we need to refine our goals


This is your process your organization


Lets not make the mistake of simply saying all of these are important.  It’s not “all or nothing”. What are our priorities?


Draft Mission statement:


To provide the best mountain bike experience

for the communities and visitors of southern Utah.”






So what are the elements of a great mountain bike experience?


  1. The trails themselves: (2 votes to rank) Chris, Kevin, Clayton, Monte, Bonnie, Kenny


1 –  A wide variety of trails that provide opportunity for different skill levels and riding styles.  Beginner – Advanced and technical – flowing

Pro – Monte – we build trails that we want to ride. Nobody really ride More Cowbell, but we really needed that trail.

Chris – Diversity of ridership which brings more people into mountain biking

Kenny – Need beginner trails to get the kids. Won’t somebody think of the children

Lukas – you need signature trails to bring people in, and then give them something that they can actually ride.

Kevin – expert trails are for outsiders, beginners are for locals

Con- more people can be double edged sword

Vote: Lukas, Kevin, Monte, Aden, Bonnie, Kenny, Chris, Clayton


4 –  Simply more miles

Pro – Kevin – More miles spreads out people, less dense user base


Con- Kenny – just more miles, not gonna ride it.

Monte – rather ride the cool trail twice

Aden – we want more miles, but needs to be quality or it’s not worth riding

Vote: Aden, Kevin

2 –  Well maintained trails

Pro – Lukas – more fun to ride

Kevin – maintained as the designer intended, but trails need to evolve.

Clayton – they need to be maintained

Con- Aden – well maintained, ends up being a park trail

Vote: Monte, Bonnie, Clayton, Kenny, Aden, Kevin, Chris, Lukas,

3 –  Well signed, or marked, trails

Pro – Bonnie – well signed trails need to happen, provides more safety

Lukas – well marked trails improve the user experience

Con – Kevin – can definitely over mark a trail (moab) Need moderation

Vote: Lukas, Clayton, Monte, Bonnie, Kenny, Chris

  1. Supporting infrastructure: (two votes) Aden, Lukas 2 –  Roads – Lukas, Kenny, Bonnie, Monte, Clayton,

1 –  TH & parking – Lukas, Aden, Kenny, Bonnie, Monte, Clayton, Kevin, Chris

3 –  Toilets – Aden, Kevin, Chris

–  Tables –

–  Shade –










Given our priorities, what will it take to succeed? Where do we put our energy? (one vote)


The priorities may be different for each sub-chapter.


* Increased membership, community awareness, and fund raising  (2 votes)

2        membership drives Monte, Bonnie, Aden, Clayton,

Social media

3        Fun Activities Lukas, Kenny, Chris, Kevin

Branding & Merchandise

Greater presence in communities – booths, kid programs, NICA,?

1        More volunteer participation, Lukas, Monte, Bonnie, Aden, Clayton, Kenny, Chris, Kevin



* Increased coordination with government and business leaders (1 vote)

Foster support Kenny, Clayton, Kevin, Chris

Grants and government programs Lukas, Aden, Bonnie, Monte








So how do we get this done? What is the best DMBTA organization structure?


Option 1- continue with current structure with Washington DMBTA playing a lead role with representative from each subchapter on the Board?


Pro –

Con –


Option 2 – Break into separate chapters.


Pro –

Con –


Option 3 – Have a federation of subchapters – each sub-chapter would develop their own goals, governing boards, fundraisers, projects etc, and select a representative to serve on the larger umbrella Board that focuses on wider southern Utah issues.  An example of wider issues would be travel plans, Website and FB updates, lobbying, etc. (this option is based on recommendations from Lukas and Aden).  Again, all sub-chapters benefit from the DMBTA umbrella and should also help contribute to the DMBTA brand and success.