Land Use Planning

On May 2010 the St George Field Office of the BLM began a comprehensive travel planning process while simultaneously preparing the Management Plans for 2 new National Conservation Areas (NCAs) (Red Cliffs and Beaver Dam Wash)  that will affect every mountain bike trail in Washington County that is on BLM land. During the process organizations from ATVers to Hikers will be voicing there opinion about the fate of roads and trails in the Washington County Utah area.

Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association responded by getting organized in June of 2010 and developed a comprehensive response during the formal comment period. This response was developed in conjunction with other environmental and trail users groups to assure consistency and support for our proposal. Comments included a 58 page document with proposed routes, protection areas, and areas for future development, as well as numerous letters of support from mountain bikers and other advocacy organizations, including IMBA. In addition, DMBTA provided the BLM with a CD of all the proposed routes in GIS format so they could be dropped directly into the planning analyses and analyzed for impacts.

1.DMBTA Trail Proposal-Map

DMBTA Trail Proposal-Map 1









2.DMBTA Trail Proposal-Map 2

DMBTA Trail Proposal-Map 2









3.DMBTA Trail Proposal-Map 3

DMBTA Trail Proposal-Map 3l









4. Development areas

4. Development areas
















Slide show of Maps


At this point Mountain bikers either have the opportunity to increase the number of trails in our system or lose trails either through closure or shared use. Trails that are of particular concern are the Bear Claw Poppy Trail and other Red Cliffs Desert Reserve zones where braided trails are occurring.


June 2011

Correspondence with the BLM became formal with the institution of quarterly meetings which focused on Planning up-dates and DMBTA projects. DMBTA learned that the SRMA’s submitted could not be considered because they were out of the scope of the planning mandate and that the “development areas” were to vague to be considered. The BLM recommended that we “resubmit” the development areas with proposed routes.

On August 9, 2011  DMBTA conducted a open workshop at the St. George City branch of the Washington County library : Community room at 6 :00 pm to 7:45 pm.  The meeting was posted on the DMBTA web site and individuals were invited from various communities affected. 19 people attended the meeting and offered route ideas in five regions around St. George and Leeds. A summary document was created as an Addendum to the original June 2010 comment letter along with additional maps and GIS data. Below are the documents and maps for download.

Map A-Quail-Leeds

Map A-Quail-Leeds











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