With a little help from DMBTA, the BLM St. George Field Office was recently awarded a trail construction grant through the Utah Recreational Trails Program. They will get $60,000 from the State grant and will match it with another $60,000 with money collected from commercial guide permits, and fees from competitive events. These events pay for our new trails. We (DMBTA) also agreed to contribute a significant amount of volunteer time.

The trail will be a machine built one-way downhill flow trail on West Mountain Peak, and will be 8-10 miles long. West Mountain Peak is just south of the Shivwits Reservation on the west side of Highway 91 (Utah Hill). The trail will begin about 1.5 miles below the communications towers at the summit.
I’ve had a few questions about why this site was selected, and the answer is simple. This is the only suitable place on BLM land in Washington County that has the elevation and downhill distance for a trail like this.
If you haven’t joined us yet, do it now. Be part of everything that is happening for mountain biking here. We need your help.

We need you!

The Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association started out as a group of five dedicated individuals who were willing to put in a whole bunch of volunteer hours in an effort to help improve and create mountain biking experiences in Southern Utah. Since we started in 2009, we’ve grown from Washington County to include Iron, Kane and Garfield counties where there are active sections of the DMBTA working to bring you new and better trails.

This growth has been great. It’s meant that we have more singletrack in more locations. It’s meant that the DMBTA has grown to include more than just five people and based on the predictors we have, this growth is only going to continue at an exponential rate.

WP_20160512_19_42_22_Rich__highresWe are committed to our original goal of building, maintain and riding the amazing trails in Southern Utah. To continue this effort, we need your help. We need people who can take over some of the positions that are due to be released like a book keeper. We need folks who are willing to help maintain our website. We need people to help maintain the trails that we already have and we need people who are willing to help build trails. In short, we need you. Regardless of what your passion, what your skill set, we can find something for you to do.

So join us. Shoot an email to with your contact info and what you feel you could do to help out. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


Barrel Roll Trail Day

It’s that time again. We will be doing some maintenance on the Barrel Roll Trail Sunday the 15th.

If you’ve been out to the Santa Clara River Reserve recently, then you know that it did not fair the TrueGrit epic well and is in dire need of a little love. We plan on spending a couple of hours raking out the loose rocks and eliminating the braiding that has occurred.

Wanna help?

  • Meet at the Cove Wash Trailhead (where Barrel Roll starts) at 9 AM.
  • If you have a rake, bring it.
  • Plan on being out there for about 2-3 hours.
  • Water and light refreshments will be provided.

If you have any questions, please contact

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DMBTA Washington County Wrap Up 2015


Photo by John Scarafiotti

This has been a fantastic year for mountain biking in our area, and as the DMBTA Board it’s been very rewarding coordinating this great work.  Remember, YOU are DMBTA.  Give yourself a high five.  This year started with a bang by the completion of two new trails in the Hurricane Cliffs Trail Network.  Dead Ringer and More Cowbell are a huge success thanks to the help of many people including the BLM, ACE, Team Z, OTE, and a lot of volunteers.  Dead Ringer is an intermediate flow trail with purpose built bike jumps, and More Cowbell is a much needed beginner trail with amazing vistas and easy climbs.
One my favorite memories from the past year involves finishing Dead Ringer.  The trail was built from both ends, and as chance would have it, they came together at a very difficult rock outcropping.  The ACE crew ran out of time and was not able to connect the trail segments leaving Dead ringer mostly finished except for the last few hundred feet.  The local bikers were not going to let that stand and answered the call by organizing a crew connecting the segments.  It was very hard work requiring a hammer drill and building a rock retaining wall.  Nice work guys.
All of the new trails including Goosebumps and Cryptobionic were celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony with food from Sole Foods, and prizes from OTE.  It was a great time.  The local NICA kids the Flying Monkeys were also there representing the future of mountain biking.
While we were celebrating the newly completed trails, Bill Bergeron was busy laying out the next big project.  We hope to get Wire Mesa done early this year, and it’s going to be a great trail.  It will be a fast and flowing intermediate mesa trail.  Sound Interesting?  We also partnered with the City of St. George to design a new trail on Webb Hill. The trail will be an intermediate loop that will open up the ability to easily pedal to the top. Construction started a few months ago.  Web Hill will be all volunteer built so come out and help make this trail a success.
In addition to the new construction, we hosted several maintenance days. Many of you showed up to help keep our amazing trails in tip top shape. As our trails get more recognition and use, they will also need more maintenance. 2016 will see many more trail maintenance days to keep everyone rolling with a smile.
We also organized a Trail Love trail maintenance work shop and had over forty people show up on a Friday night, and over 25 made it for the trail work Saturday.  It just shows the love and commitment all of you have to mountain biking in our area.  Lets keep this going and make 2016 an even better year.
Remember it’s all about trails. Join us!

The Green Valley Competitive Area

Utah MTB lakes developmentThe image above is the development plan for the Green Valley Competitive Area or the Green Valley Race Course, as it is commonly referred to. This is a plan that was developed and approved years ago. We’ve known that we would be losing this section of land and some of the trails in the area at some point as it has been privately owned and waiting development. Unfortunately, that time has arrived.

The red patch work areas above are slated for home construction. The corridors in between will be open space. The developers plan calls for 30% open space as dictated by the city. There will be several roads. Most notable will be Plantations Drive which will run the length of the valley and become the main access for the area. The developers are hoping to begin excavation in February starting with the northern plots. The excavation will include the construction of a road to carry material being removed and deposit it in the southern area.

The most immediate effects of the development will be a disruption of the competitive use of the area. The developer has committed to working with race promoters for the first two races of the year that happen in March. True Grit and the Red Rock Rampage will be held as normal this year.

Races held later in the year will not be able to use the Green Valley Competitive Area due to the construction.

Immediate access for casual trail users could be effected but should be maintained throughout the process. The open space designated in the development plan is strategically placed to maintain trail access. The developers are touting the trail system as part of their sales pitch making it in their own best interest to maintain as many trails as possible while still selling plots for homes.

The DMBTA is actively working with the developers to ensure that access is maintained and to work with the BLM to realign any trails that are lost to maintain the integrity of the trail network. While their may be some short term loss of trail, we are confident that the overall trail experience will be improved. The development will limit motorized access and we have verbal commitment that the trails will be signed and have trailheads once construction is complete.

The biggest casualty is the loss of the bottom of the valley. The area has been used as a giant staging area for most of the races in the area and most notably for the NICA State Championships which have been the biggest mountain bike event in Utah. We are currently working with the BLM and Washington County to find a new location that can provide the staging and a race course to replace the Green Valley Competitive Area.

This is an ongoing process and we will keep you updated as things progress.

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