August Board Meeting

August 10 DMBTA Board Meeting Agenda

  1. Admin
    1. Insurance (10 minutes – Monte)
      1. Million dollar policy for $640
      2. Board members and members $450
    2. Subchapter Finance Reporting (5 minutes – Bonnie/Lukas)
      1. Subchapters will have own accounts
      2. Books will be reported to DMBTA book keeper quarterly
    3. Elections (10 minutes – Group)
      1. Aiden is new board member
      2. Lukas is up for another two years.
      3. Bonnie is up for another two years as treasurer.
  2. Build
    1. Wire Mesa Update (5 minutes – Kevin)
      1. On track for this
      2. Arch sites only hold up, but nothing we can’t route around
    2. Monkey Trail Day (10 minutes – Lukas/Kevin)
      1. 1 hour class followed by trail day
      2. Patrick Kell has committed to being here and teaching class
      3. Trail day on Webb Hill
      4. Back up Quail loop
      5. Tonequint School
      6. Move to second week in November
    3. Webb Hill (5 minutes – Lukas)
      1. Owned by City of St. George
      2. Waiting for MOU
      3. Could start within a week
      4. Signs numbered to help with navigation/rescue
      5. City to pay for signs
    4. SCRR (1 minute – Lukas)
      1. Ready to go
      2. Motorized could be an issue
      3. Great back up if Wire Mesa stalls
      4. Good venue when Green Valley goes away
    5. Cedar City Update (TBD)
      1. Thunderbird Gardens is built – needs touch up
      2. Parking lot has been graded
      3. Road graded
      4. Needs trailhead
      5. IMBA to be here 20th – 22nd
    6. Kanab Update (5 minutes – Chris)
      1. Joey Klein came in to do master plan for the area
      2. Public input
      3. Scouting
      4. Final master plan to be finalized soon
      5. 40-70 miles of trail
      6. Won’t be easy
      7. Cliffs and sand
    7. Trail building machine
      1. To bring in flow trail


  1. Maintain
    1. Trail Stewards (10 minutes – Lukas)
      1. ACE Trail Training Day
      2. Flying Monkeys Trail Day
      3. Nominations of possible leaders
    2. Maintenance by Federal Agencies (5 minutes – Kevin)
      1. Where is the funding coming from for maintenance
      2. Fed paid trail crews in certain areas
      3. As use goes up, maintenance will most likely exceed our abilities
      4. Raffle to get to paint Goose
    3. Monthly trail days (5 minutes – Group)
      1. Kevin and Monte to do a few
      2. Goose dots
  2. Ride
    1. Festivals/DMBTA movie night
      1. Rampage
      2. Quarterly social event
      3. Coasters
      4. Georgefest – sell t-shirts
      5. Camp Lynda
    2. T-shirts Sales
      1. Inventory Update (1 minute – Bonnie) 5 wmns left
        1. 5 wmns left
        2. A lot of smalls left in the mens
      2. Current budget update (2 minutes – Bonnie)


  1. Monthly Group Rides (5 minutes – Group)
  2. Stickers


Trail Work Day: Rim Trails

WP_20150614_08_36_39_ProThe DMBTA will be hosting a trail maintenance day on August 9th. We are planning on doing some light maintenance on the Rim Trails in the Santa Clara River Reserve. Meet at the Cove Wash Trailhead (where Barrel Roll starts) at 7 AM.

Bring gloves, tools, water and your bike. Due to the location of this trail, we will ride to the work area. We plan on having two BOB trailers to help transport tools. Plan on working for about three hours.

Our friends from the Mooseknuckler Alliance will be providing refreshments after all your hard work.

Vital Details:

  • Date: August 9th
  • Time: 7 AM
  • Location: Cove Wash Trailhead
  • Bring: gloves, tools, water, bike
  • Duration: 3 hours

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February Board Meeting Minutes

February 2015 Board Meeting

  1. Build 25 minutes
    1. Wire Mesa Update –Bill 10 minutes
      1. Not goose, not guacamole
      2. 4.3 miles to double ttrack
      1. 7-8 miles
      2. Lot of arch sites
      3. Starts off of double track because it’s a great camping/trailhead
      4. 75-80 hours of walking
      5. Higher pace
      6. 3-4 days for completed conceptual
    2.  Dead Ringer update – Kevin 5 minutes
      1. Coming Wednesday
      2. 7-10 days
    3. Kanab Update – Chris 5 Minutes
      1. Hiring IMBA to do master plan
      2. Slow process
      3. Equestrians doing Cottonwood
      4. Horses and bikes
      5. Earthfest – weeklong festival
    4. SG Bike Park Update – Kenny, Kevin, Lukas – 5 minutes
      1. Sand Hollow Aquatic Center
      2. Pump track
      3. Paved
      4. Form Committee – Kenny, john
    5. Desert Canyon
      1. Still wants trails even if bike park doesn’t go there
  2. Maintain 15 Minutes – Group
    1.  Zen/Barrel Ride markers
      1. Kenny to determine amount of baskets
      2. Lukas to procure baskets
      3. Plan day after
    2. Gooseberry day
      1. Needs new dots
    3. City Creek/ Owens loop
    4.  Little Creek
    5. Canal Trail
    6. Hurricane trimming – complete?
    7. Set dates for all work days
  3. Ride – 15 minutes Group
    1. Dead Ringer Ribbon cutting/Celebration
      1. Teena to organize
      2. Drawings from shops
      3. Date set this Friday
    2. Stickers – distribution
      1. On all signs
    3. Group rides – set dates
    4. Tent/membership drives
      1. Good tent
    5. T-shirts
      1. Kevin
  4. Admin 30 minutes – Lukas/Group
    1. Bank Account 1 minute
    2. Membership 4 minutes –
    3. Role Assignments 25 minutes
      1. Membership – Monte
      2. Treasury – Bonnie
      3. Public Relations – Lukas and Kevin
      4. Secretary – Lukas by default
  1.  Paragon Guide Works
    1. Beaver Dam Wash