November Board Minutes

Board Meeting Nov 1, 2015


  1. Membership Numbers and Drive – Lukas 2 minutes
    1. 44 individual members
    2. 58 total current members
    3. 1300 Facebook followers
    4. Paper forms to sign people up
  2. Finance Update – Bonnie 2 minutes
    1. Zions DMBTA bank account balance is $4183.88

Our DMBTA non profit status for the State of Utah has been renewed stating the correct board members. Cost was $10.00

Ongoing monthly expense is Quickbooks at $13.98 a month.

Besides QB’s the only upcoming expense will be in January for Host Gator of $121 to renew the web site.

I will be getting an update on t-shirt sales this week.

  1. Update to membership dues and chapter sharing – 2 minutes Lukas
  2. Blackboard/Chapter Leader Training – Lukas 2 minutes – Next meeting
  3. Board Responsibilities – Group 5 minutes
    1. Membership
    2. Actively working on something
  4. Frog Hollow Booth – Kevin 5 minutes
    1. Friday night and Sunday prior to awards
    2. Get people to help
    3. Give them a meaningful task
  5. CCFO relationship with C-chapter – Aden 5 minutes
    1. Field manager diversity change agent
    2. t-shirts coming
    3. How to better relationship?
    4. BLM thumbs up
    5. Private meetings
  6. Insurance follow up – Monte 1 minute
  7. Schedule Next Board Meeting
    1. Tentatively the 7th


  1. Wire Mesa Update – Kevin 10 minutes
    1. Arch analysis required
    2. Level III
    3. Significant find
    4. Trail designed to avoid sites
    5. Arch about half done, but he retired so we are on hold


  1. Santa Clara River Reserve – Lukas 10 minutes
    1. Push for new race course
    2. Alignment should be easy to build
    3. If Wire Mesa stalls, this should be priority
    4. Steve Lisonbee
  2. Webb Hill – Lukas/Kenny 10 Minutes
    1. 4+ miles
  3. Trail Love Event – Kevin 10 minutes – Monte wants to be involved!
    1. Target NICA kids
    2. Help train maintenance crews
    3. Help boost BLM


  1. Shurtz Trail/New Flow Trail – Aden 10 Minutes
    1. Machine built uphill is just about done or done
    2. Downhill is currently constructing
    3. 200 yards of machine built left to do and then everything else is grooming
    4. $25,000 grant for SST
  2. Cedar Grant – Aden 5 minutes
    1. Matching grant in labor
    2. $10,000 in labor for $10,000
    3. Recreational grant through the State of Utah
  3. Three Peaks – Aden 5 minutes
    1. Using Forest Service parts on BLM land
    2. Can be borrowed through land management
    3. Going good
    4. Finishing up Petrified Whales
    5. Permission to reroute to bridge
    6. Only place the BLM has authorized ladder bridges for fun
  4. Forest Service – Kevin 5 minutes
    1. Marcia – contact info to Kevin


  1. Monthly Trail Days – Lukas 5 minutes
    1. 2nd Sunday of every month

Other trail needs – Group 10 minutes

  1. Gooseberry – dots
    1. Kevin to set it up
    2. Aden to find out about paint
    3. February
    4. White and yellow
  2. Trailheads, signage – Lukas 5 minutes
    1. Needed BCP
    2. Zen
    3. Guacamole
    4. Little Creek
    5. Race Course/Barrel Ride



  1. Group rides – assignment
  1. Fruita Mayor – group discussion

The RMP: Everything you need to know

The BLM has released its Draft Resource Management Plan. This is big because it’s one step closer to the release of the TMP (Travel Management Plan) which will happen once the public comment period (Ending October 15th) has been closed and all decisions have been made. The RMP is important for us as mountain bikers because it is the broad strokes of what will be the end product of land use management in Washington County.

Since its release, I have been bombarded with questions from people worried about what the RMP means for public land access. As these questions turned into conversations, I have found there are many misconceptions at what the draft is saying, what it means for the public and how to go about influencing the end decision. So let’s start by clearing up some misunderstandings.

  1. There is no land grab. The land in question is already controlled by the BLM. The RMP is strictly the proposal for how the BLM will be managing that land. No land is changing hands.
  2. The BLM is not taking land away from the St. George Field Office. The St. George Field Office is the BLM. They are the ones that conducted the studies, mapped all of the existing routes in the county and created the four alternatives.
  3. No part of the RMP will negatively affect mountain biking. There is some language that on the outside can look suspicious, but I’ll explain that in depth below. There is actually a decision within the draft that states that the BLM is looking to create a world class non-motorized trail network. That’s us. We get more trails.
  4. There is no part of the RMP that will completely eliminate public access. I have heard this multiple times, especially in regards to Bull Valley, it’s simply not true.

Now that we have the myths out of the way, let’s talk about the stuff that really matters.

First, the RMP is a draft. The county is broken into different sections and each section is given four alternatives Alternative A leaves the land management the same meaning that there is no change. Yes, you read that correctly. This means that if Alternative A is chosen, nothing will change. Alternatives B, C and D all have varying levels of conservation versus access. Alternative B is the St. George Field Office’s preferred alternative as it is a good compromise between allowing access and recreation while conserving the beauty and natural resources of the area.

To influence the BLM’s decision regarding which alternative to implement, public comments will be accepted until October 15th (yes, that means you only have two days left). To voice your opinion, go here.

As far as mountain biking trails are concerned, the Resource Management Plan sets the stage for the release of the Travel Management Plan. The TMP will be the determining factor as to how many new trails we get in the next few years. The best alternatives for mtb trails will be based on the BLM implementing Alternative B for the RMP. This will set the stage for the possibility of constructing over 200 miles of new singletrack.

Yup, you should go comment now.

The one area that I am consistently getting questioned about is Bull Valley. Within the Plan there is some language that on the surface would appear that the RMP would be restricting mountain biking in this area. The last RMP had designated this area as a Mountain Biking Area which essentially required the BLM to treat mountain biking trails in the area the same as the do for OHV access.  This means that within those areas mountain bikers were considered more closely to motorized travel than non-motorized. Of course, mountain bikes are non-motorized so this opens up more possibilities for us.

There are currently no mountain bike trails within the Bull Valley area and we have not proposed any. However, none of the alternatives in the RMP would block us from doing so in the future.

To sum things up, the RMP is good for us as it sets the stage for large scale trail development in the TMP. Again, the best option for mountain biking is Alternative B as it will set us up to implementing 200+ miles of singletrack once the dust settles and the TMP is released and implemented.

We highly encourage you to read through the documents and comment. All information and links are here.

August Board Meeting

August 10 DMBTA Board Meeting Agenda

  1. Admin
    1. Insurance (10 minutes – Monte)
      1. Million dollar policy for $640
      2. Board members and members $450
    2. Subchapter Finance Reporting (5 minutes – Bonnie/Lukas)
      1. Subchapters will have own accounts
      2. Books will be reported to DMBTA book keeper quarterly
    3. Elections (10 minutes – Group)
      1. Aiden is new board member
      2. Lukas is up for another two years.
      3. Bonnie is up for another two years as treasurer.
  2. Build
    1. Wire Mesa Update (5 minutes – Kevin)
      1. On track for this
      2. Arch sites only hold up, but nothing we can’t route around
    2. Monkey Trail Day (10 minutes – Lukas/Kevin)
      1. 1 hour class followed by trail day
      2. Patrick Kell has committed to being here and teaching class
      3. Trail day on Webb Hill
      4. Back up Quail loop
      5. Tonequint School
      6. Move to second week in November
    3. Webb Hill (5 minutes – Lukas)
      1. Owned by City of St. George
      2. Waiting for MOU
      3. Could start within a week
      4. Signs numbered to help with navigation/rescue
      5. City to pay for signs
    4. SCRR (1 minute – Lukas)
      1. Ready to go
      2. Motorized could be an issue
      3. Great back up if Wire Mesa stalls
      4. Good venue when Green Valley goes away
    5. Cedar City Update (TBD)
      1. Thunderbird Gardens is built – needs touch up
      2. Parking lot has been graded
      3. Road graded
      4. Needs trailhead
      5. IMBA to be here 20th – 22nd
    6. Kanab Update (5 minutes – Chris)
      1. Joey Klein came in to do master plan for the area
      2. Public input
      3. Scouting
      4. Final master plan to be finalized soon
      5. 40-70 miles of trail
      6. Won’t be easy
      7. Cliffs and sand
    7. Trail building machine
      1. To bring in flow trail


  1. Maintain
    1. Trail Stewards (10 minutes – Lukas)
      1. ACE Trail Training Day
      2. Flying Monkeys Trail Day
      3. Nominations of possible leaders
    2. Maintenance by Federal Agencies (5 minutes – Kevin)
      1. Where is the funding coming from for maintenance
      2. Fed paid trail crews in certain areas
      3. As use goes up, maintenance will most likely exceed our abilities
      4. Raffle to get to paint Goose
    3. Monthly trail days (5 minutes – Group)
      1. Kevin and Monte to do a few
      2. Goose dots
  2. Ride
    1. Festivals/DMBTA movie night
      1. Rampage
      2. Quarterly social event
      3. Coasters
      4. Georgefest – sell t-shirts
      5. Camp Lynda
    2. T-shirts Sales
      1. Inventory Update (1 minute – Bonnie) 5 wmns left
        1. 5 wmns left
        2. A lot of smalls left in the mens
      2. Current budget update (2 minutes – Bonnie)


  1. Monthly Group Rides (5 minutes – Group)
  2. Stickers


Trail Work Day: Rim Trails

WP_20150614_08_36_39_ProThe DMBTA will be hosting a trail maintenance day on August 9th. We are planning on doing some light maintenance on the Rim Trails in the Santa Clara River Reserve. Meet at the Cove Wash Trailhead (where Barrel Roll starts) at 7 AM.

Bring gloves, tools, water and your bike. Due to the location of this trail, we will ride to the work area. We plan on having two BOB trailers to help transport tools. Plan on working for about three hours.

Our friends from the Mooseknuckler Alliance will be providing refreshments after all your hard work.

Vital Details:

  • Date: August 9th
  • Time: 7 AM
  • Location: Cove Wash Trailhead
  • Bring: gloves, tools, water, bike
  • Duration: 3 hours

New logo for stickers

Join in April and Win!

March-Member-Drive-PrizesIMBA is at again. There’s never a reason not to sign up for the DMBTA. We get you new trails, keep the established ones maintained and make it possible for you to enjoy the amazingly unique riding that Southern Utah has to offer. Lucky for you, IMBA is sweetening the deal. Sign up during the month of April or May and be entered to win a Specialized Enduro or a killer trip with Western Spirit Cycling Adventures.

It’s kind of the definition of a win-win… JOIN NOW!

Build. Maintain. Ride.

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