Santa Clara River Reserve Trail Work Performed

DMBTAsmallYesterday, nine volunteers put in over 27 hours of trail work in the Santa Clara River Reserve.

This summer’s late rain storms wreaked havoc on many of our popular trails due entirely to the excessive amounts of water that came down in such short amounts of time. This left many of our trails rutted with loose rocks strewn everywhere.

With the help of nine volunteers, DMBTA spent the morning rehabbing the Barrel Roll and Precipice in the Santa Clara River Reserve. Countless loose rocks were removed, ruts were broken down and filled and switchbacks were out-sloped to help prevent future damage.

We would like to thank the following individuals for their time: Shelly Lutz, Kathleen Berglund, Jay Bartlett, Dave Poffenberger, Frank Kosidowski, Phil Benson, Kenny Jones, John Scarafiotti and Lukas Brinkerhoff.

Even with the work put in, there is still plenty more to do. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook for upcoming trail days.

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Santa Clara River Reserve Trail Work Day

barrelroll2 The Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association will be hosting a trail work day in the Santa Clara River Reserve. Specifically focusing on the recent erosion caused by heavy thunderstorms in the area that damaged sections of the Barrel Roll, Precipice, Sidewinder and Suicidal Tendencies.

The trail day will be held Sunday, October 19th starting at 10 AM. We are planning on working for about three hours. Meet at the Cove Wash trail head (where Barrel Roll and sidewinder start)  and be ready to work at 10 AM.

Please bring gloves, rakes and plenty of water.

Public Comment for new Trail

We are pleased to announce that we are in the final public comment period for another edition to the Hurricane Cliffs network.

The comment period is now open for public comment on a proposed expansion of the Hurricane Cliffs Trail network.
-Please send you comments in the next 15 days
-The Project is proposed for the follow purposes:

1) To provide expanded recreational opportunities for the increasingly popular activities of mountain biking, hiking, and trail running.
2) To provide additional looping opportunities of varying distances.
3) To alleviate trail congestion in areas with sensitive resources.

-Approximately 4 miles of trail would be constructed near the southern portion of the JEM trail to connect existing trails and provide additional looping opportunities. See the map on the BLM web sight at

-To comment simply call or email Dave Kiel at the BLM and state your support for the proposed Hurricane Cliffs trail expansion. Be sure to reference the Project Name. It’s a stronger comment if your reason for support is in-line with one or more of the “Project Purposes” listed above. Reason for support might include; to accommodate the increasing popularity of mountain biking in the area, to meet the demands of a growing population in the area, economic development, shorter loop options for beginners, longer loop options, improved safety, etc.

Project Name : Hurricane Cliffs Trail System Expansion
NEPA Log Number: DOI-BLM-UT-CO30-2014-0002-EA
Contact: Dave Kiel
Phone Number 1-435-688-3210
mail: Saint George Field Office BLM
345 East Riverside Drive
St. George UT 84790

September Board Meeting Minutes

September Board Meeting

  1. Last meeting follow up (15 minutes)
    1. Cryptobionic/Goosebumps Follow up – (3 minutes)
      1. Ribbon Cutting???
      2. Monte has emailed Dave, schedule will happen
    2. Newsletter – (3 minutes) – Lukas
      1. Travel management plan primer
    3. Twice/year mailer – (3 minutes) – Monte
      1. Business cards – vista print
      2. Stickers
      3. Carsonite stickers – rock art Contact Dave – Lukas
      4. T-shirts/tech tee – Lukas
    4. Sales Pitch – Lukas (3 minutes) – Lukas
    5. MTB Project (3 minutes) – Kevin
      1. List of sponsors
    6. Tribal Land Report (5 minutes) Kenny and Kevin – dead in the water. The tribe is not interested in having trails on their land.


  1. Sponsorship Levels (5 Minutes) Open discussion
    1. Friends of DMBTA – Supporters, solicit funds on behalf DMBTA
    2. Rigid Singlespeed – $250
      1. Link on website
    3. Hardtail – $500
      1. Link on website
      2. MTB Project
    4. Full Suspension – $1000
      1. Link on website
      2. MTB Project
      3. Logo on sleeve
  2. Upcoming Trail Projects – Scheduling (10 minutes)
    1. Chryptobionic/Goosebumps – railroad ties down, October
    2. Hurricane Rim – Clayton ?
    3. SCRR – Lukas October end
  3. Group Rides – Scheduling (5 Minutes)
    1. September – Lukas
    2. October – Kevin
    3. Early November – Monte
  4. Review of our proposed trails and creation of Prioritized List for Dave (45 minutes)
  5. Canyons – Kenny (Lukas to get contact info)
  6. Master map – Kevin
    1. Review of the maps given to Dave as part of the Land Management Plan
    2. Additions, changes
    3. Prioritize list of where we want efforts to be focused
  7. Misc
    1. Bank account #
    2. CiviCRM access
    3. Next meeting
    4. October 21st at 7 PM, location tbd

July Board Meeting Minutes

July Board Meeting

  1. Last meeting follow up (30 minutes)
    1. Cryptobionic/Goosebumps Follow up – (3 minutes)
      1. Ribbon Cutting??? Sept/Oct
      2. Clayton – October
      3. Kenny – Group Ride
      4. Work being done? Looks like someone is working
      5. New trail proposal
        1. Bill
        2. Morgan
        3. Quentin and DJ
  2. Clayton to get proposal going using existing resources
    1. Forest Service Update – ( minutes)
      1. Lukas – set up trail day
    2. Newsletter – (3 minutes) – quarterly Lukas
    3. Twice/year mailer – (3 minutes) Monte,
    4. Glue Pad for bike shops – (3 minutes) Done
    5. Sell’s Pitch – Lukas (5 minutes) Lukas
      1. The why is important
      2. Healthy Lifestyle -also economic
      3. Obesity
      4. Economics
      5. Tourism
      6. Green Space Conversation
    6. MTB Project (5 minutes)
      1. Kevin
  3. Upcoming Trail Projects – Open Discussion (10 minutes)
    1. Where do we need work to be done?
      1. SCRR – Kenny November
      2. Church/Prospectors – Lukas October
      3. Cedar Mountain – Kevin August
    2. Schedule last half of the year
  4. Travel Management Plan (5 minutes)
    1. Update
    2. County – Monte, Kevin
  5. Meeting with Brad – Lukas/Chris/Kevin – (10 minutes)
    1. Getting letter of support
    2. Facts and figures for mountain bikers
    3. Tourism/economic side
  6. Rockville Bench Update – Monte (5 minutes)
  7. Kanab – Chris (10 Minutes)
    1. Feasibility study – IMBA funded
    2. Sand biggest concern
  8. Paiute Reservation – Kenny (10 minutes)
    1. Spoke with Manager
    2. Open to idea
    3. Damon Cooper
    4. Kyle Mcfee – Land manager
    5. Worried about trespassing
    6. Band Meeting Aug 4th
    7. Hoping for next meeting
    8. Possible hookup with future trails
  9. St. George Skills Park – Lukas (5 minutes)
    1. Waiting for land proposal
    2. City on board
  10. Quail Creek Development – Clayton (10 minutes)
    1. Americorp crew hopefully coming out
    2. Water Conservancy District
    3. Big possibilities
    4. All the way around lake
  11. Beaver Dam – Kevin (5 minutes)
    1. Potential
    2. One nice peak for gravity run
    3. Smooth, half pipe like washes
    4. Easy to build
  12. Monthly Rides – Open Discussion (5 minutes)
  13. World Summit

Little Creek Trail Work Day


The Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association will be hosting a trail work day this coming Sunday on Little Creek Mesa.

The plan is to meet at the trail head at 8 AM giving ourselves plenty of time and hopefully cooler temperatures. Depending on how many people show up, we will most likely divide into groups and take different sections. The plan is to trim back the bushes and trees that have begun to impede riders ability to maneuver the outer trails.

We will give a quick tutorial on how to properly trim the bushes to make sure the trail is not sanitized and maintains its picturesque beauty. It would be appreciated if those who attend can bring some tools. Namely, clippers, saws and trimmers. We would highly recommend you bring plenty of water and snacks. The weather is supposed to be in the 90s, so the morning should be nice, but it will most likely be hot by the time we finish. Usually these types of projects take about three hours. However, if you can only help for an hour or two, come out any way. We can use all the help we can get.

For up-to-date details, please visit the Facebook Event page,

Spring Update


New Trails

The DMBTA designed two new trails for the BLM this past fall. Construction was scheduled to be completed this winter, but was delayed due to the snow and heavy rain we received. Fortunately, this was only a minor setback and we are happy to announce that not only are the trails open, but the tread has been compacted and the trails are as fun as we had hoped they would be.

The two new trails are Cryptobionic and Goose Bumps. These were designed as connector trails to allow for more variety in looping the JEM and the Hurricane Rim together. Goosebumps splits off of the JEM just after you emerge from the wash and hugs the mesa as it meanders its way to the water tank at the top of the unnamed singletrack. About half way through Goosebumps, Cryptobionic splits off and heads downhill. It hits Sheep Bridge Road where you re-connect with the JEM for a short distance. Cryptobionic splits off once again and heads to the bathrooms at the Hurricane Rim trailhead.

We are excited about these two trails and are working to bring you more singletrack in the future.

Jamon trail work
Gooseberry Trail Work Day
The DMBTA did its annual trimming of Gooseberry Mesa this past March. The trees and bushes on the mesa slowly overtake the trail. Each year the DMBTA goes out and trims things back so that you can ride the Goose without slamming into tree branches or being scratched up by scrub oak.

Clayton organized this trail day and we had plenty of people show up for us to split into multiple groups. Each group took a section of trail. It took each group about three hours to complete their portion, but we are happy with the results.

monkey trail work

Zen Trail Work Day

DMBTA, in conjunction with the local high school mountain biking team The Flying Monkeys, had a trail work day on Zen at the end of March. Kenny organized the event and guided the Monkeys around the Zen. They worked to clear loose rocks, maintain the single track lines that we all love and  ensure that the trail stays rideable.

Travel Management Plan
The DMBTA was originally organized as a direct response to the announcement of the BLM’s travel management planning process. As we have mentioned, mountain bikers run the risk of losing single track as part of this process or, if we play it right, have the chance of gaining significant access and additional trails. This will all be determined this fall as the public comment period of the process begins. Essentially, the BLM has logged each and every trail and road in Washington County. They have also logged countless miles of proposed trails and routes. The entire county has been divided into several areas. Each area will have three options. A limited option where many trails are closed. A compromise or middle option that will see some closures. And the third option that opens up trails to motorized users. It will be our task to ensure that the BLM receives more comments from the mountain biking community than any other user group to ensure that we don’t lose any trails and hopefully gain the possible 200+ miles of proposed trails.

We strongly suggest you check back here for updates and follow us on Facebook as we post more regularly there,

November News

It’s November and I’m sunburned. I have to admit that is not a complaint as much as it is me bragging about how much time I’ve been “forced” to spend outside the last few weeks. Apparently spending 2-4 hours in the sun, even in November can make you glow, even if it is just a little bit.

If you follow us on Facebook (and if you don’t you should), you’ve seen pictures of pink ribbons strung throughout the desert.

morganThe BLM asked the DMBTA for help designing the newest addition to the Hurricane Cliffs trail network. We were ecstatic to be involved. The project consists of a connector trail allowing for more loop possibilities on single track. Specifically, there will be a section that goes from the JEM, just past the Virgin River Dam road crossing, down to the bathrooms. Across Sheep Bridge Road, there is another section that heads toward the mesa. Once at the fence, it will split. The trail to the right will take you back to the JEM. Head left and it will drop you onto the unnamed single track by the water tanks.

As this project has evolved, we’ve become more and more excited about it. We were able to get local trail building legend Morgan Harris to lend his time on a section and parts have been described by the BLM’s Dave Kiel as “instant classic.” We are confident everyone will enjoy the new trails.

This trail will have a few sections where there are A and B lines. This means there will be sections that are more difficult and have some possibility for a whoa factor, but no one will be forced to walk as there will be a B or flat liner around every one of these features. The trail is designed with all level of riders in mind.

I think we can all agree new single track is what it’s all about. Construction is scheduled to start this week.

The DMBTA also has some trail maintenance scheduled for this weekend. We will be trimming the corridor on Gooseberry Mesa. This will take place this coming Sunday. Meet at the Little Creek gas station in Apple Valley at 10 am. We will carpool as needed from there.

Further details can be found on the Facebook event page.

This is just the tip of the ice berg. The DMBTA board is busy working on several upcoming projects that will keep your tires on sweet trail. If you haven’t, join our efforts here.

Build. Maintain. Ride.