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 The Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association is dedicated to enhancing and fomenting mountain biking opportunities and trails in Southern Utah. We believe Mountain biking creates a healthy lifestyle that promotes strong community bounds and positively effects the economy. By creating amazing trail experiences in Southern Utah, our goal is to create a healthy, strong community of mountain bikers.


Without trails, mountain biking does not exist. Every mountain biker wants new experiences and new trails. Southern Utah has an excellent existing network of single track, but there is potential to add and enhance this network. The DMBTA is dedicated to adding as much quality single track as possible with the hopes of growing the tourist draw and promoting a healthy lifestyle within our communities.


The existing network of trails in Southern Utah is constantly being used. The year round riding season and draw of our world class single track has left many of our trails in need of some love. In hopes of maintaining that draw and the experience, DMBTA is dedicated to conducting trail maintenance days. These work days help promote the community spirit of DMBTA and promotes education and rider ownership of the trails. All of which creates a cycle of caring and protecting of the one resource we need as mountain bikers to exist.


All of our efforts culminate in the community using the trails. We believe that mountain biking promotes a healthy lifestyle that combats many of the health problems our society faces. This is done by riding. The DMBTA promotes the mountain bike lifestyle by conducting group rides to show off the area’s trails and to allow those strong community bonds to be created.

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