Welcome to Dixie Mountain Bike Trail Association

We enjoy riding great trails almost all year long in the southwest desert of Utah. We want to preserve and expand that opportunity and we want everyone to get involved. Mountain bikers have a strong voice here and together we can make a difference. Our goal is to someday be the mountain bike mecca that all other locations look to for inspiration. We have a working relationship with the BLM and many of the local municipalities and we aim to foster those relationship into new trails. Whether it is a skills park in Hurricane or a race course in Green Valley, advocacy will get us there.

We hope you will come back often. We are constantly adding information on our pages about membership, the current travel and transportation planning process with the BLM, the Hurricane skills and jump parks, local trail infomation and maps and ways that you can get involved or support the efforts of this organization.

Thanks for visiting our site.

The Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association

One thought on “Welcome to Dixie Mountain Bike Trail Association

  1. Thank you so much for the trails.You do a good job.Love taking people
    who have have not rode around here.keep the good work up.

    Kendall Sullivan

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